Prevent the #1 source of relationship stress

Bring your money together to successfully navigate marriage, kids, or buying a house with a financial expert who’s been through it all.

 Rob Bertman, CFA, CFP®
Founder – Money With Impact

“As a couple we have differing approaches to finances. Rob’s nonjudgmental demeanor facilitated open and constructive conversations that enabled us to improve shared ownership of our household spending.” –Lisa & Adrian

merging finances

Be prepared for major life events as a team and learn the secret tactics to prevent financial pitfalls and relationship stress.

Coaching Package Details:

  • Improve your relationship, clean up your finances, and simplify your life with your personalized Money Merger Action Plan.

  • Set your spending priorities and savings goals together. Find thousands of dollars to fund them using my Keep, Cut Back, Eliminate Framework.

  • Finally understand your complete financial situation as a couple with your Wealth Scorecard.Get your personalized Wealth Builder Roadmap and learn the most efficient way to pay back debt and save for your short and long-term goals.

  • Milestone Analysis – How financially prepared are you for having a child, buying a house, or getting married? We’ll find out and help you understand and plan for it.

  • 4 meetings

  • FREE customized Weekly Spending Review Guide

  • FREE on-demand training videos

  • 12 month email support

  • 60-day 100% risk-free money back guarantee

  • PLUS: Save $5k or You Don’t Pay Guarantee – If we can’t find $5,000/year of reduced spending, you don’t have to pay my fee.

    “We think the most helpful thing Rob did for us, was not a spreadsheet, or an app on our phones, but rather being a third party moderator in allowing us to openly discuss our finances and plans for the future.” –Kevin & Maura Limbert

    Learn key tactics and figure out how I can help.  Schedule your FREE no-commitment discovery session.


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    Bring your finances together and be prepared for your multi-year, multi-six figure decisions.